What I do:

I am a fourth year doctoral student in the department of Writing, Rhetoric, & American Cultures. I consider myself an interdisciplinary scholar, studying interpersonal communication, narratives, emotion, and prejudice.

Recent activities:

Who I am…

Nature is very important to me. There is an annual viewing of the migration gathering/”staging” area in Michigan, which I got to attend for the first time in Fall 2018. All I had was a super low-quality pair of binoculars, but after chatting with some seriously amazing bird watchers, I got to watch dozens of sandhill cranes landing (and the moon!) through a telescope. One of my passions in life and in teaching is to show people the beauty of nature, something we need to recognize if we are to make changes to save our environment. I love to have students observe nature in a mindful, engaged way.

I also love music. I sing and dance to express myself, to play, and to relieve stress. I’m learning to rollerskate backwards this semester, which allows me to move to music in a whole new way! I never thought I’d be able to do it (because moving backwards!!) but ‘m pretty good except for when I occasionally lose my footing and look like a duck trying to do tap dance on ice. I lam slowly, slowly learning to play the guitar and the mandolin.

I also love to play with stories and see improv as a way of life. I once took an improv class in Minneapolis with my mother, and it was one of the coolest experiences of my life (and couldn’t beat the company). Speaking of stories, I see movies as individual and cultural stories on a personal level, offering possibilities for both connection and critical reflection about the stories that we’ve yet to listen to.

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