As I mentioned in the introduction to my portfolio, the concentration has been an extremely meaningful and transformative for me. As demonstrated by my earlier media projects (Project #1, Images: “Identity and Embodiment” and Project #2, Video:“Identity Fusion of Horizons”), I’ve learned to reflect on the affordances of different media and to use them in rhetorically thoughtful ways to convey stories and ideas about listening and identity. I learned to recognize the rhetorical complexity of composing multimedia projects, as this complexity helps me understand myself and others in deeper ways. This is especially illustrated in Project #2, Video: “Identity Fusion of Horizons.”

Project #3 offers valuable insights for listening in Professional Writing and TechnicalCommunication (as well as listening scholarship in Rhetoric and Writing). I learned from conducting, editing, and revisiting these interviews that I learn the principles of professional communication best through stories, particularly stories from a person with whom I have a personal relationship. While there were many takeaways from this interview, above all I realized how much I enjoy, as Michelle Simmons and Jeffrey T. Grabill (2007) suggest, learning the rhetorical strategies of those outside Professional Writing and TechnicalCommunication or Rhetoric and Writing.

Project #4highlights my ongoing understanding of networking. As someone who is interested in creating large cultural shifts around listening, these reflections and my current application of the elements of good networking are absolutely critical. As I hinted towards the end of my project #4 reflection, lessons on networking are very much informing my current networking practices, including their collaborative nature.

Project #5, a nearly annotated bibliography around listening in Professional Writing andTechnical Communication and Project #6, a proposal to explore the embodied dimensions of listening in the PWTC, show how I situate my work in the PWTC and the directions in which I am no moving. Bringing together stories,relationships, collaboration, and storytelling through media, I am planning projects having to do with listening, including an online project about interdisciplinary and intercultural listening practices. I am curious to see how my collaborations will shape these projects, as they are already informing my work in important ways.